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The Ectocarpus genome and the independent evolution of multicellularity in brown algae. J. Mark Cock;, Lieven Sterck;, Pierre Rouzé. Astrophys. ( - ), Chin. J. Chem. Phys. ( - ), Chin. J. Chem. Phys. . G. Mark Voit1, Greg Meece1, Yuan Li2, Brian W. O'Shea1,3, Greg L. Bryan4, and Megan Donahue1. Published X//1/80 Blumenthal G. R., Faber S. M., Primack J. R. and Rees M. J. Natur U01MH (DALY, MARK JOSEPH) Jan 31, . Zekavat SM, Ruotsalainen S, Handsaker RE, Alver M, Bloom J, Poterba T, Seed C, Ernst J, Chaffin M, Engreitz J, Peloso GM, 01 04; 45(D1):DD

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J-Mark 845-SM Driver

A Review of the Literature. Western Journal of Nursing Research.

J-Mark 845-SM Considerations When Designing a Microbiome Study: Implications for Nursing Science. Transplantation Direct, 3 11e Progress in Transplantation Aliso Viejo, Calif. Non-biological barriers to referral and the pre-kidney transplant evaluation among African Americans in the United States: Nephrology Nursing Journal, 43 3 Determinants of frequent Internet use in an urban kidney J-Mark 845-SM population in the United States: Characterizing the digital divide.

Progress in Transplantation, 25 1 Renal Transplantation and the Digital Divide: Precipitation-regulated Feedback The most general answer seems to involve a phenomenon that J-Mark 845-SM have come to call precipitation.

A Global Model for Circumgalactic and Cluster-core Precipitation

As feedback acts on a galaxy-scale system, J-Mark 845-SM outflows it drives can promote condensation J-Mark 845-SM the hot ambient medium by raising some of it to greater altitudes e. Adiabatic uplift promotes condensation by lowering the ratio of the uplifted gas see Section 2. This process is loosely analogous to the production of raindrops during adiabatic cooling of uplifted humid gas in a thunderstorm—hence, the name "precipitation.

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In simulations, this rain of cold gas into the galaxy at first provides additional fuel for feedback and temporarily boosts the strength of the outflows, but eventually those strengthening outflows add enough heat to the ambient medium to raise high enough to stop the condensation. Precipitation is therefore naturally self-regulating.

They proposed a feedback cycle in cluster cores in which energetic AGN outbursts produce a wealth of nonlinear density perturbations, the densest of which cool, condense, J-Mark 845-SM back J-Mark 845-SM the black hole, and provide more fuel for accretion. In this scenario, the J-Mark 845-SM times of the blobs must be short enough that and also shorter than the time interval between AGN heating outbursts.

They argued that this source of accretion fuel could potentially provide much more fuel than Bondi accretion from the hot medium alone while responding to changes in the ambient cooling time far J-Mark 845-SM quickly. They also noted that a shallow central entropy gradient would promote condensation.

Mark Berrang : USDA ARS

Shortly thereafter, Gaspari and collaborators produced sets of numerical simulations in which such a cold feedback loop was realized Gaspari et al. In these simulations, cold clouds form through thermal instability and J-Mark 845-SM toward the center of the J-Mark 845-SM volume while the heating mechanism needed to maintain approximate global thermal balance stimulates turbulence.

This turbulence is critical, because it ensures a steady supply of cold gas blobs with low specific angular momentum, which can plunge to the center through a process the authors call "chaotic J-Mark 845-SM accretion. Precipitation-regulated feedback, as described in this paper, is a "cold feedback" mechanism that fuels a central black hole through "chaotic cold accretion.

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Therefore, they merit a more general term. Implications for Galaxy Evolution Precipitation is potentially of broader interest because it may link a galaxy's time-averaged star formation rate with the multiphase structure of its circumgalactic gas. Observations of circumgalactic absorption lines are showing that the masses of gas and metals within J-Mark 845-SM few hundred kiloparsecs of a galaxy are at least as great as J-Mark 845-SM galaxy's mass in the form of stars e.

Also, the amount of circumgalactic gas at intermediate temperatures — K appears closely linked with a galaxy's star formation rate. Observations of the circumgalactic medium at other wavelengths likewise show rich multiphase structure e. However, they did so J-Mark 845-SM having a satisfactory explanation for the crucial assumption that or a complete model for the global structure of precipitation-regulated systems.

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J-Mark 845-SM of the Paper This paper's purpose is to propose a global context for interpreting observations of multiphase gas around galaxies, as well as the numerical simulations that strive to reproduce those observations, in terms of the J-Mark 845-SM legacy of theoretical papers J-Mark 845-SM astrophysical thermal instability.

Many of the theoretical results derived here were published decades ago by others, most notably J-Mark 845-SM DefouwCowie et al. Our rederivations of them are intended to provide a common conceptual framework for a meta-analysis of the simulations in which precipitation occurs. We are focusing on simulations of precipitation in galaxy-cluster cores, because that is where the observations of multiphase gas around galaxies and interactions of outflows with the circumgalactic medium are most complete.

Mark Lockwood, PhD, MSN, RN

However, many of the physical principles that govern condensation in those environments apply to circumgalactic gas around J-Mark 845-SM of all masses. A Readers' Guide Busy readers may wish to be selective in deciding J-Mark 845-SM sections of this long paper will reward their close attention.

For them, we have prepared this guide, along with a cartoon Figure 1 that sketches out the main ideas.

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