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Thecus N7510 NAS Server Driver

Thecus' seven-bay N is a slightly less-expensive alternative to its NPRO. {mospagebreak toctitle=Introduction} {multithumb}. DISCONTINUED - The Thecus N 7-Bay 35TB Network Attached NAS Storage w/ 7x technology to sync data across the network to other NAS and servers. Product Name: Thecus N 7 Bay NAS Review Sample Provided by: another NAS and then later a server packed full of storage as well.

Thecus N7510 NAS Server Driver for Windows 10

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Thecus N7510 NAS Server Driver

Thecus N :: 7-bay tower NAS - Comel Soft Multimedia, Ltd.

Seagate stuck with their basic labeling that gets right to the point with the name, brand, and capacity with all of the model and serial numbers down on the bottom half of the label. Software Once you have your NAS setup you will most Thecus N7510 NAS Server rarely ever touch it, but when you do it will Thecus N7510 NAS Server always be through the web interface.

Because of that it is important for it to be easy to navigate and have all of the features that you need. When you pull up the IP or NAS name you will first Thecus N7510 NAS Server up on a simple page with the option to log into the admin panel or your custom modules. The admin panel is what I will cover today but keep in mind that some of the add on modules that you can install actually run completely separate from the admin interface.

Thecus N7510 NAS Server into the admin panel only requires a password. I would prefer that you have to put in a username and password, this would make it harder to hack and allow for the possibility of giving multiple people admin access without having to share a password.

Thecus N7510

Thecus N7510 NAS Server logged in you are dropped on the home page. Over on the left you have an accordion layout that splits up all of the detailed options to make it easier to find what you need.

The home page does have Thecus N7510 NAS Server few highlighted icons on it and you can add other options. This lets you select just the most important admin pages that you will find yourself going back too. Starting in the system information tab you have a few options that give you access to system and user access logs. The two tabs I spend the most time on Thecus N7510 NAS Server the system status and system monitor tabs. They both share the same information for the most part, the status page lists out information about memory and CPU activity along with fans, temperatures, and network stats.

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The monitor page has the same information but graphed out so you can see trends over a longer period of time. The system Management section is filled with general NAS configuration details like setting the date and time, notifications, updating the firmware, and setting the admin password. Because of that I went right for the System Network section. Here you can check your DHCP Thecus N7510 NAS Server or manually go in and configure everything from your IP, host name, and even set your jumbo frame size.

You can do this for both Ethernet ports if you are using them both.

Thecus N7510 NAS Server Windows 8 X64 Driver Download

There is also the option Thecus N7510 NAS Server setup link aggregation, here you can double the network bandwidth available by using both in combination. Here on the first page you can see all of the disks you have installed including their model number, capacity, and even firmware.

Thecus N7510 7-bay NAS Features and Specifications

You can also setup how long in between activity should hard drives spool down to extend their life and save power. That is only 6 of the 7 drives though, I saved the last drive to be used as a global hot spare. That means one drive is always installed and if my RAID fails in any way it will automatically swap in Thecus N7510 NAS Server new drive and rebuild the array, one that is done the NAS Thecus N7510 NAS Server email me to let me know of the problem.

This should keep downtime to a minimum and lower the risk of the RAID failing and then having something else happening after causing data loss. Adding an antivirus to the already comprehensive software bundle will provide the necessary software protection by scanning the files on your NAS and defending it against possible threats. Whether connecting digital cameras and smart phones, backing up large external hard drives, or extending the capacity of your NAS, USB 3.

Backwards compatibility adds the connectivity of a world full of USB 2. Back up all your data with One-click Protection or pick Thecus N7510 NAS Server choose only your most important files. Thecus N Interior Shot The rear of the chassis has two large fans. There are two gigabit Ethernet ports which is standard for this class of device. The important part here is that one can use this in a home or office setting to drive media output using these ports.

In a home segment, being able to play audio or video directly from the NAS unit is Thecus N7510 NAS Server. Thecus N Rear One can see the expansion slot. We were unable to get this working with x1 cards that we tried. The overall UI is responsive and for those that are used to enterprise web-based applications the interface will be intuitive.

Thecus N7510 NAS Server Windows 8 X64

The underlying OS seems to be Red Hat based so it will be familiar to many Thecus N7510 NAS Server. Using the terminal, we can see that the unit is using mdadm RAID. As one can see here, there is a 4- drive mdadm RAID 6 array on the unit.

Thecus Technology N7510 - NAS server - 0 GB

Most work will be done directly in the web GUI. Many other solutions use the much less expensive Realtek solutions.

It is nice to see a NAS company take networking seriously. The switch is certainly more geared towards cloud datacenters but it does have plenty of bandwidth.

That effectively gave us 24gbps to the switch to test against dual 1 gigabit Ethernet links. Test Results Benchmarks are awesome, but for the Thecus N we decided to take two different routes to test.

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